VRcher - Bow Accessory for VR Hunting, Archery, and Bow and Arrow Games - Rift S and Oculus Quest 2
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VRcher - Bow Accessory for VR Hunting, Archery, and Bow and Arrow Games - Rift S and Oculus Quest 2

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The VRcher is an accessory that simulates the feeling of using a real bow!

  • Immersive: VRcher is a bow accessory that helps immerse you in VR games by adding the physical feedback of a real bow
  • Adjustable: Because of the unique double clasp wrist strap system, you can adjust your draw length for different VR games
  • Ambidextrous: the VRcher features a rotating controller cup mount, so you can use it left or right handed
  • Secure: Contains a Knuckles strap that helps you hold the VRcher while it's under tension
  • Multiple VR Platforms: Compatible with the Oculus Quest, Quest 2, and Rift S

The VRcher increases immersion by providing physical resistance through using a real bow. It does this by mounting one of your controllers on the side of the VRcher and attaching it's double clasp wrist strap to your wrist; you hold your other controller in your hand instead of putting it in some kind of cup system. This attaches the bow string to your wrist so when you pull back with your back hand it pulls on the bow string simulating the resistance of firing a bow. Once you release the trigger and let go of the arrow in game nocking another arrow relieves the tension on the bow and resets it. Because your back hand is free you can access your arrow quiver in game without problems. This is perfect for hunting, archery, and bow and arrow games. The VRcher can be used ambidextrously. The controller cup can have either the left or right controller input int it. It is designed to swivel on a central screw which allows it to be set in a left or right handed orientation. To do this unscrew the thumbscrew, spin the VRcher 180 degrees, and screw the thumbscrew in the opposite hole. The Knuckle strap will work for either the left or right controller. The double clasp wrist strap allows you to change your draw length. Some games require you to pull your bow string further back than others thus an adjustable draw distance is necessary. There are three types of wrist positions for the double clasp wrist strap. The first is where you place your wrist in front of a clasp, second is where you move the two clasps to an area in front of and behind where you want your wrist to be, and the last is where you place your wrist at the end of the wrist strap and only use the back clasp. This allows you to quickly customize your draw distance as needed