DriVR - VR Golf Club Handle Accessory - Quest 3 - Pro

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Color: Standard

The DriVR is a golf attachment which improves immersion for VR gaming! It features molded handle, iron core, and quick release controller mount. 


  • Immersive: The DriVR is a golf club accessory that you can insert your Quest controller into to simulate a real golf club 
  • Optimal Tracking: Open face allows the Quest 3 to track its leds very effectively. Front camera holes allow the Quest Pro to track effectively 
  • Easy Setup: Hinge/ thumbscrew system allows you to set up your controller in seconds
  • Real Golf Handle: Features a molded golf handle much like those used in real golf clubs
  • Iron Core: Contains an iron core for increased weight and realism.
  • Versatile: Works with the Quest 3 and Quest Pro

This DriVR is only compatible with the Quest 3 and Pro. If you are looking for a Quest 2 compatible DriVR please follow this link 

Setup instructions can be found here

Color: Standard