DriVR Elite - Adjustable VR Weighted Golf Club Handle Accessory - Compatible with Quest 2, 3, and Pro

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Extra 75g Weight?: - No
Grass Golfing Mat?: - No Grass Mat
DriVR Pro Pack?: - No DriVR Pro Pack

The DriVR Elite is on pre order status while we're awaiting parts. You can see status of pre orders here If you need a DriVR Elite right now we recommend either the Chrome Elite or the Elite Mini


The DriVR Elite is DeadEyeVR's premiere VR golf club. With its extended length, variable weight, and realistic weight distribution, it provides a hyper realistic VR golfing experience. 

If you are looking for a shorter version of the DriVR Elite we highly recommend the DriVR Elite Mini

  • Optimal Tracking: Reverse controller cup tracks the Quest 3 extremely well 
  • Realistic Weight Distribution: Realistic weight distribution provides an optimal experience
  • Golf+ Integration: The DriVR Elite is natively integrated into Golf+. Select it from the in game controller attachments menu. 
  • Variable Weight: 100g of optional weights allow you to finely tune your club
  • Highly Compatible: Compatible with the Quest 2,3, and Pro
  • Increased Length: Extended length pushes center of gravity far away from the grip, much like real golf clubs
  • Carbon Fiber Finish: Lightweight carbon fiber is lightweight, strong, and aesthetic
  • Professional Golf Grip: Features a professional grade rubberized golf grip

DriVR Elite Setup Instructions Can Be Found Here:

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Extra 75g Weight?: - No
Grass Golfing Mat?: - No Grass Mat
DriVR Pro Pack?: - No DriVR Pro Pack