DriVR Elite Mini - Adjustable VR Weighted Golf Club Handle Accessory - Compatible with Quest 2, 3, and Pro

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Extra 75g Weight?: - No
Grass Golfing Mat: - No Grass Mat

The DriVR Elite Mini is DeadEyeVR's premiere VR golf club. With its compact length, variable weight, and realistic weight distribution, it provides a hyper realistic VR golfing experience. 

If you are looking for a longer version of the DriVR Elite Mini we highly recommend the DriVR Elite

  • Optimal Tracking: Reverse controller cup tracks the Quest 3 extremely well 
  • Realistic Weight Distribution: Realistic weight distribution provides an optimal experience
  • Golf+ Integration: The DriVR Elite is natively integrated into Golf+. Select it from the in game controller attachments menu. 
  • Variable Weight: 100g of optional weights allow you to finely tune your club
  • Highly Compatible: Compatible with the Quest 2,3, and Pro
  • Compact Length: Shorter length is optimal for smaller playspaces
  • Carbon Fiber Finish: Lightweight carbon fiber is lightweight, strong, and aesthetic
  • Professional Golf Grip: Features a professional grade rubberized golf grip

DriVR Elite Setup Instructions Can Be Found Here:

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Extra 75g Weight?: - No
Grass Golfing Mat: - No Grass Mat