DriVR Pro 3 - Adjustable VR Weighted Golf Club Handle Golfing Putter Accessory

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Style: - Full Kit
Color: - White

The DriVR Pro 3 is the ultimate weighted VR golf club. With its extended length, weighed head, and movable controller cup, it provides a hyper realistic VR golfing experience. 


  • Optimal Tracking: Reverse controller cup tracks the Quest 3 extremely well 
  • Maximum Immersion: Weighted head provides the most realistic VR golf experience.
  • Increased Length: 24” length pushes center of gravity far away from the grip, much like real golf clubs
  • Carbon Fiber Finish: Lightweight carbon fiber is lightweight, strong, and aesthetic
  • Simple: To use insert your controller into the controller cup. No fumbling required. Mount your wrist strap to the golf shaft for added security!
  • Professional Golf Grip: Features a professional grade rubberized golf grip


Setup instructions can be found here

Style: - Full Kit
Color: - White